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Hey, I need to catch up on LJ!

Life hasn't been boring, I can tell you that much! A lot of things have been going on, but right now I will only post photos of Hendricka, my Unoa Zero Marion. More dollies soon!

Oh and Nikki is going to kill me ^^;
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Hey there.

I'm having a hard time managing any free time. Really, I shouldn't even be on the computer right now, I should be unpacking, moving things..

Hubby is still in some sort of training and won't see him til December. And what I thought was temporary (to be at his parent's place) has become a bit longer. I'll eventuallly move to N.B. in April. o_0 I think.

Here are some photos, I do apologize for my lack of being here. I tend to spend more time on flickr because it doesn't overwhelm and confuse me as much as lj.

I really love the bokeh at the top left in this one!

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Life is pretty much busy and tiring. My husband Scott left for Air Force training on April 25th to Esquimalt British Columbia. His graduation is on the 12th of July, but he ends up needing to stay an extra week for First Aid training.

His parents, Maia and I will be going to B.C. to see the graduation, but even that will be tiring.
Being a single parent is really tough, and I've decided for now, to stop cloth diapering. LOL. I was doing my best to save money, but I have little free time as it is ^^;

Before Scott left, he put in our notice that our last month would be July. He actually gave our notice 45 days sooner than he needed to. What I didn't know was that once you submit a termination notice, the landlord doesn't need to give you 24hours notice when they want to show the place to a 'prospective client' just what they deem is 'reasonable' so like, the first tuesday after he left, I'm leaving at 11:30am to do some shopping and find this notice for people to come into my apartment for 1pm.

I just freaked, really. I have toys and stuff all over the place, and of course cameras, tv, dolls out in the open. I walked into one of the open baby gates and broke one of the wall parts as well as bruised myself.
So I rushed out, did what I could do in the amount of time before they'd come. To make a long story short, it was a 'no-show' I called the rental place and got a very patronizing woman on the phone o_0

Just want to say, each time I get a notice, even if they don't show, it's stressful. The first time people came, they just walked through while I tried getting Maia to stop climbing the shelf. I was in shock they trudged through my whole place, where Maia drops food and picks it up and eats it before I can stop her, in their dirty shoes and ignored me.

I'm sorry, but this is still my place! SO the next time I requested they did, the lady looked mad, she had on these dumb shoes that weren't even practical and took her a while to take off.

When my grandparents died, the place was looked at 3 times. Not sure how they did that because I think all my baby gates were closed. I also found things from my fridge in my freezer. I was really mad about this. Having to take care of Maia on my own, handling my grandparents' deaths on my own, and this rental place bullshit is just tiring.

What's stressful is that, each time I get a notice, I clean up. I clean the whole living room floor, where they will walk through. Maia just makes it a mess again within the hour. I think I've given up. Why am I doing this to myself?

Why am I doing this to you to have to see this journal entry? lol.

Maia hasn't slept in her crib since Scott left. She needs to sleep playing with my hair and freaks out if I'm not there when she wakes up. I don't know how she'll act when she sees him again, but I'm so happy it isn't longer.

The thing is, if Scott goes for positions that are less than 3 months, he can only go alone, we can't go with him. I'm not sure yet if we will be going to St-Jean first in Quebec, or Gagetown in New Brunswick - but he's said if the position is short, he's still going ot take us no mater what.

I just.. would like to know where I'm living next.

I spend time thinking, shit how will I pack all my dolls, how the hell did I accumulate so many? Why the hell am I thinking about dolls?


They were a cute elderly couple with Dutch accents, my Oma had a series of falls and surgeries, but it never dampened her spirit's or Opa's. I remember how she'd bake a whole series of cakes, meringue cookies and boeterkoek, and how she'd struggle with a huge turkey dinner for a very large family. She suffered from osteoarthritis, but the only complaint I'd hear, was her saying in her Dutch voice, "I'm shrrinking, I'm shrrinking!"

She'd give you these huge hugs before you left, with one arm draped over your neck so she could get a good hold, of course you'd have a slightly hurt neck later, but you felt better for it. When she was in the hospital in London (my city) I'd come visit her almost every day and help her with her dinner. She seemed so happy, even though she was in so much pain. They had finally moved into a small apartment in December and were doing well.

My Opa was a big tease, I remember he and one of my Uncles tricking me to thinking there were flies instead of raisins in Oma's cookies. There was a huge black tar mark next to the back door of their house, and he told me he squashed a HUUUGE spider there. When I was a toddler, I was playing under the table, Opa was in mid-sentence when he suddenly cried out - I had bit his big toe! He never let me live it down, always joking about it. Maia almost did the same one visit, and I was hoping she'd get another chance in the future!

Last time Oma was in the hospital, Opa didn't do too well, he'd visit her every day, but live off of tv dinners, he was miserable. I knew he couldn't last long without her. I was so happy when she finally was well enough to come back to him.

On Mother's Day, I was disappointed with myself that I hadn't visited my Oma..but I thought, I'd be able to see her later on. I'm happy a large portion of the family had celebrated with them.

When I heard they were in a terrible car crash yesterday evening, it didn't seem real. I thought I'd see them at the hospital, perhaps, but something deep down was troubling. I have never lost anyone so close, and to lose two people I care so much about at the same time and in this horrible way is just heartbreaking.

I know both of you loved each other more than life itself, and there is comfort that you both passed together. I love you both and I am sorry I didn't visit more often. Cornelia and Cornelius, you both are beautiful people, you brought so much love and life into this world. I hope to see you again someday.

This is Taboo

Here is Taboo, my Pipos Nero. Not sure if he's staying though..

In other news, getting over horrible food poisoning, a day and a half later, 9 pounds lighter! :/ This has to be the worst Easter weekend I ever had. - Hope everyone else's Easter is great!

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Some shots of Tabris/New Jewelry

I've worked on some new jewelry in my free time, and got some decent shots of Tabris in the process!

hand in corner! XD
I'm so happy my hubby found me a metal slab for wire working, I can make my own clasps now for adjustable necklaces!
(like this= http://shihosu.net/images/Nocturne9.jpg)

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Shockingly, my first post this new year. I've been so busy ><

Yesterday I was taking Maia's laundry out to fold, and she kept throwing her Little People toys in. After the bag was empty, this is what happened.. it gets a bit boring ..haha..

She loves going in it now, and just sitting and rolling with all her Little People toys!

Cute = My Unoss is sitting on my desk, with her huge feet/shoes near the edge. Maia got in my lap, saw the feet, and put her hand on it, then she lifted her foot and placed it flush against the Unoss' haha! her foot is only slightly larger than the doll's! It's insane!


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

This is probably not the photo everyone was expecting.. ^^;
the lighting has been terrible and this was taken at night, so please excuse the flash :( I want to wish you all a wonderful holiday!

too bad her little pointy hood won't stay up ^__^

I really do hope I can take a really nice natural light photo later on, but it may not be likely.



My Unoa Sist came today! %66 and something to free her. I find that a bit shocking since last year Unoa Mocha cost %60 and the dollar was pretty bad then..

anyways! I think.. I just think I'll be ok now. for some reason I'm more excited than I was before she came. I don't think I was excited before..

I told my husband it's the doll I ordered in June-July and he laughed. I'm going to have so much fun!

maybe I won't need a BambiCrony high.. maybe this new girl will be my Christmas Snow Queen.. I may call her Wintersong or Lumi.

or not. I had the idea she'd be this wild Irish/Celtic fighter. Have survived a bear or big panther attack and is a L-Bi girl with fiery red hair.

maybe I make another Sist Boy?


poor Pipos Nero.. I need to give him a face-up, since right now he's BLA to me..

next time I post, there will be photos! I PROMISE!

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